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English Through Theatre

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13:00 – 15:30

English Through Theatre

The English Through Theatre course at Millennium is excellent for students who want to expand their knowledge and fluency in English while learning how to overcome their fears of expressing themselves in public.

Want to get a feel for the course?  Watch our latest slideshow:

Here are some benefits you’ll experience during the English Through Theatre Course:

Acquire more fluency and confidence
Learn more about yourself through character and scene analysis
Work in teams for a common goal
Make friends
Liberate your creative expression
Have fun!

The classes will prepare you for a final presentation at a special Millennium Concert, together with the Millennium Teacher’s Band.

Each class is composed of:

• text analysis
• character development
• improvisation exercises
• scene “blocking” and rehearsal

This is a total English immersion course that features expanded vocabulary and colloquial expressions and phrases. It is also very therapeutic in that you will have many opportunities to go deep and learn to express aspects of your personality that you’ve never expressed before.

Performance night is a great night! Lots of drama, nervousness, excited preparation, increasing pressure as the moment arrives … and then a tremendous feeling of satisfaction as you deliver your work just as you’ve rehearsed it – and many, many times, even better than you expected! The experience of theatre is unlike anything else you will experience in your life.

Come and join us!

New course beginning
March, 2018.

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